Thursday, July 21, 2011

Raising the bar!

This past wednesday I was sitting in my career development class and my teacher was talking about raising the bar.  He talked about what employers want and how you get to be indesposable and I was interested.  I thought to myself about how I could raise the bar at my current job. I work in an environment where the people I serve and the people I work with can be difficult and I am kind of a complainer.  Don't get me wrong I am a very hard worker and I always try to do my best and be the kind of worker that I would want if I were the employer but I complain and I don't always have a positive attitude towards others so I have decdided to be more positive.  There is one person at my work who I have a very hard time with and I decided that I was going to be completely positive and try to like her and be positive about working with her I was about half way through the day and I was doing really well.  I had been positive with this person all day and I was being pleasant and I was feeling good then something happened.  Let's just say I felt like they over stepped a boundary with me and so I immediately went from being positive to negative just as fast as you could say hi.  After my positivity broke down I immediately felt horrible.  I had made a goal and I couldn't even be positive for one day!  I felt bad for getting upset and disappointed in myself for not raising the bar and rising above it. I did realize however that I wanted to change and that even though I had slipped I could try again and renew my goal so that is what I did.  I shook the negativity and again tried to be positive with them.  I hope that I can do better this next time and even though I might mess up again I will keep trying. Practice makes perfect. 

Going from that point I need to be more positive with myself so I have to ask.... any tips?  I find myself feeling bad about my looks or physical aspects especially so if you have any tips hit me up with them.  I don't want to be insecure and negative when looking at myself in the mirror I want to be able to get up in the morning and say no I am not a perfect person but I am the perfect me and I am beautiful.  So.... HELP! :)