Monday, September 26, 2011

General Women's Conference 2011

       Ok so the General Women's Conference was awesome this weekend.  My favorite talk was the one by President Uchdorf.  It was entitled forget me not.  He talked about the beauty of the forget me nots and how they are often overlooked because they are so small.  He talked about how the forget me not has 5 petals and that each petal can be a reminder to us of things we should forget.
       The 1st petal is forget not to be patient with yourself.  I think this is an important thing for us to forget not because I know I am not very patient with myself.  The fact is we are human and we will make mistakes and we aren't perfect.  We need to be more patient with ourselves and look for our little steps of progress instead of focusing on all the things we do wrong.
       The 2nd petal is forget not the difference between good sacrifices and foolish sacrifices.  So to me this means sacrificing your time for to do charity for others.  That is a good sacrifice :) This is one I need to do better. 
       The 3rd petal is forget not to be happy now.  I love this one because I felt like he was talking to me.  I feel like sometimes I find reasons not to be happy and instead I need to find reasons to be happy and there are a lot more reasons to be happy than there are not to be happy.  He used the analogy of the movie Willey Wonka and the chocolate factory.  He talked about how chocolate was something that brought happiness and when the golden tickets were put in those chocolate bars the chocolate lost all of its joy.  People weren't happy with just chocolate anymore now they could only be happy if they found one of the golden tickets inside.  Isn't it sad that so many people can't just be happy with just chocolate? Why do we need that golden ticket? We should be thankful and happy with what we have instead of searching for a golden ticket.
       The 4th petal is forget not the why of the gospel. We have a list of what we need to do in the gospel and how but we need to remember the why.  Why are we doing this? Why do we believe? We need to remind ourselves why every single day!
       The 5th petal is forget not that he loves you.  This one is so important.  I think we always know Heavenly Father loves us but I think sometimes we forget.  I know that sometimes it is really hard for me because I feel like I am alone or I don't have friends or that I am not receiving the blessings I want but I need to remember he loves me. He knows my life plan better than I do and he knows what I need better than I do so I need to trust that and remember he loves me and he will take care of me.
       I loved this talk and I loved conference!  It is always so nice to hear the leaders of our church and to hear the messages they have received inspiration that we need to hear.  I can't wait until next week so we can receive more guidance on the things we need to work on.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hard to keep in.

Ok so it's been a while but I haven't had much time to blog.  I just finished my internship for school and wow it was tiring.  I barely had time to worry about anything else but thank goodness it is done and I graduated!  So now my mind turns to other things.  Getting a new job, putting Cody through the police academy, more schooling for myself, and.... kids.  For about 5 months now Cody and I have not been preventing kids from coming and so far nothing so I guess it's not time yet but I wish it was.  I know our lives are a bit hectic right now, and I know having kids will be the hardest jobs we will ever take on but yet I still can't wait.  I love kids and the fact that I am in an eternal marriage with an amazing man just makes me want to bring more craziness and love into our family.  We originally wanted to keep our "trying" secret because we have felt the harsh judgement from family and friends on our other decisions and we didn't want to hear all the, "You really should put that off for five years or so you are young," comments that we know we would get.  Now... It slipped out haha.  First I slipped with my mom I didn't mean to tell her honestly but it happened.  Then some friends found out.  Then Cody's mom.... and now I am leaking it in my blog.  I just am tired of trying to hide it.  I am tired of feeling so frustrated that it's not happening yet and then not feeling like I can tell anyone about my frustrations because they don't know I am trying haha.  So now whoever reads this knows.  Which I can't help to think at most times is no one still but oh well.  I feel like writing it or typing it down is a release and that is what I need.  I am trying so hard to be patient and to live on the Lord's time and not mine but it is so hard when I feel like there are pregnant people all around me and babies and people talking about how much they love being mothers... It makes it hard.  I am trying though and that's all I can say I am trying to wait patiently hopefully that pays off soon. :)