Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Computer Class

Ok so I have a truly terrible computer teacher, he doesn't teach, he starts class late, lets class out early, and then gives us tests on questions I am not sure how we are supposed to know.  So when  we did our review of the teacher I told the truth.  I said the teacher was no good, and that I didn't feel like I had learned anything from the class, and now I want to know.  Was it wrong?  I don't think it was, he did not put what he could have into the class which made it harder to get what I wanted out of the class.  He is a very nice guy don't get me wrong but I dreaded going to that class because I knew there was no point.  Now I am paying for that class, and I don't feel like I got my money's worth but becuase I am Bree I felt bad giving him a bad review....  Should I feel bad?  If not then how do I let it go and justify completely the review I gave him with the knowledge that he is a good guy?

Monday, November 8, 2010

The power of music

Ok so I decided the other day to go onto Selja's blog and get the music she has written and put it on my ipod.  Today I was listening to her song Nadia, and I was so moved.  For those of you that don't know this song it is about a baby that was lost, and this hit home in my life.  No, I have not lost a baby, but a woman at my work very recently lost her daughter at 6 months.  When I heard this song my thoughts immediately turned to her.  I wanted to share this song with her, and help comfort her.  This song is so awesome, I love that it says in it "we miss you but understand what could not be here on earth you will not be forgotten."  That hit me the hardest!  This knowledge is one that I want to share with this woman I work with.  That she was not meant to stay her work here was done, and that she can be with her again some day!  I know it is so much harder to know this when you are going through it, but it is the truth, and I think that that truth can bring you peace.  I just want to say to this woman I work with that your daughter will not be forgotten, she was pure, and beautiful, and she is with her heavenly father now.  You will get to see her again, and you will have the chance to raise your little angel.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The biggest loser and dance!

So as some of you might know, I love to dance!  It was my life from the time I was two, until I turned about 19, and even now I miss it!  As I said my life was dance!  I danced pretty much everyday and I absolutely love the way I feel after finishing a piece, or just dancing my butt off.  So naturally no that I don't dance it kills me.  I miss everything.  I miss the feeling after a good work out, I miss the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a dance, and I miss the energy that it gave me.  I have been wanting to get back into dancing but I haven't felt motivated to make time in my busy schedule, or I am worried that I have lost all of the talent that I used to posess.  But I have decided that I am going to get back my passion.  My husbands family just announced the other day at dinner that they want to do a family version of the biggest loser.  In this competition each family member that wishes to participate will put in 10-20 dollars each (the exact amount hasn't been decided), and then we will compete to win the money.  We are going to do challenges along the way and in the end whoever wins the largest percentage of weight wins.  We will be starting in January and we will compete for three months, and I am going to win haha.  My goal is to get back into dance and to lose all this weight I have put on since highschool, and yes I can do it.  I will keep you posted on the details, but wish me luck, and vote bree haha.

Friday, November 5, 2010

First Post! What to write?

Ok so I am new at this but I am attempting so bear with me.  Ok so hopefully if you are reading this then you already know who I am, so I am going to dive right in.  On Nov. 10th it is my husbands birthday! Well it just so happens that I know exactly what he likes (the brand new tv he got for his birthday), and what he doesn't like... So we went out to dinner with his family tonight at the Brick Oven (which is really good by the way), and I decided to tell the waiter that it was his birthday so they would sing to him! :)  He loved it... Not really.  Now I think that since I did this he thinks he is off the hook for the rest of his birthday but he is so wrong!  My husband doesn't like to be the center of attention, and he hates parties, but I figure he is spoiled so I need to do something right?  A couple weeks after his birthday I am throwing a party for him with my family, and he has NO clue!  I think I am going to be in trouble haha but it is so worth it!  I will let you know how things go, but as for now I am off to bed!  Peace Out!