Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sorry if anyone cares!

Ok so I don't know if anyone cared that I wasn't writing but if you did sorry!  My life got super crazy!  I was hit with a lot of stress and school stuff, and I just couldn't find time to write!  I am happy to report though that things are going well now and that my stress level is a lot lower than it was a week ago!  I am still trying to be myself and improve myself as well.  I had a good chance to do that this last week.

I won't say details but a girl I work with was going through a rough week too last week and so I decided to do something a little nice for her.  I hope this doesn't take away from it but I don't think it will.  So my plan was to not have anyone know that I had done this for her because I didn't need a thanks or recognition or anything, but they figured out it was me.  I was kinda bummed because I thought to myself now that they knew it was me it took away from the charity I was trying to give that person but then upon further thought I realized it didn't matter if they found out.  I did this act of charity for that person.  If I had done it for recognition I would have boasted of the act and let it be known that I was the one who did the charity for her but instead I didn't.  I tried to keep it quiet I even snuck into the room and made sure no one saw me but I know that my motive was known.  Later the girls said to me that they thought it was me because of the manner in which I performed the charity and I thought that was interesting.

You see the girls at my work are all extremely kind hearted but I know that they are not LDS.  The reason I thought to do this charity was because of conference.  I think it is amazing that because of a talk by a church leader I was reminded of charity and thought to do something for this girl.  I don't think I would have if I didn't have the church in my life and I don't mean that disrespectfully towards anyone of any faith I just mean for me personally it wouldn't have happened. 

I know I can be selfish, and I have moments where others aren't in my thoughts at all but because of the church I am reminded of others constantly and because of this I can see beyond myself and help others.  Recently I have been a little all about Bree and I am so glad conference reminded me that if I get lost in helping others I will be able to regain that caring attitude I started out with at work, and the nurturing aspect I want in my marriage and my life. 

I love the LDS church and I want everyone to know that I have a testimony in charity.  When you help others you can find joy, peace, and blessings that you would never have found otherwise.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 9 and 10 uh oh

Ok so day nine didn't work out haha I was going to go to a hotel and go swimming with my husband but we didn't end up going and instead we stayed home and had a surprise date night!  We watched Tangled and it was awesome!  Haha so swim suit thing didn't work out but no worries because I really am going swimming next friday so we will get that in just later.  Ok so even though I didn't go swimming I did challenge myself to do something!  I challenged myself to really listen to conference this weekend and so far so good!  I have really loved the talks so far they have talked a lot about families and spouses and charity and I really want to have all of those things, and to make sure I don't take them for granted and realize that even though they require a lot of work they can bring so much joy and fullness to my life. 

I always have a hard time with charity haha because I want to do it!  I just don't know how to.  I don't really know anyone from my ward and in fact don't really socialize too much outside of work but I need to and I want to.  I want to help people, and I don't want to be selfish.  There are so many people who are suffering out there and if I can make a difference in some of their lives then I want to do that.  So I think that is going to be a goal of mine... DO MORE CHARITY!!!!

Ok let's move on to my challenge for today.  This one is a hard one for me but I am excited!  Today I am going to post my previous weight and my current weight on facebook for all to see.  I am doing this because I used to not care if people knew how much I weighed and I want to get back to that so there ya go this one will be no fun for me but I am proud of how much weight I lost and I am not afraid to admit it needed to come off.  I am not overweight anymore and that is something to be proud of!