Saturday, January 28, 2012

Asking for help!

I am in some need here I am sick of feeling down on myself so I would put a question out there.... How do you raise your confidence?  How can I believe I am a beautiful daughter of God, that I am important, and that I can do anything I set my mind to?  I want to be the person that is positive and loves herself, I also want to be able to help others! I don't want to be so consumed with feeling bad about myself that I can't see beyond that so any ideas?  Also how can I learn to trust? Trust that people won't walk out on me, trust that people aren't always lying to me, i'm sick of feeling paranoid! So anyone? I'm asking for help!


  1. Those are dang good questions- i wonder them myself sometimes. And I'm sure many, if not everyone, have pondered it.

    For me confidence if sticking to the facts you know to be true, so sticking by what you believe, what you like, what you think... so taking a firm grip on who you know yourself to be instead of having others define you as someone different. Its keeping sights set on what you want, and going for it full steam ahead despite what others think. Its loving yourself when truthfully no one elses opinion matters other than Heavenly Fathers.
    But behind all that this fancy talk- something simple that boosts my confidence is doing something im good at and receiving positive feedback on it from the rest of the world. You love to dance and i bet it made you feel like a million bucks when someone complimented you on your lovely technique and flow of movement.

    Trust... I haven't even learned to trust myself.. The thing is you can't control others and i hate that feeling of helplessness... thats why i think we can only be responsible for handling how we interact, react and behave and hopefully thatll draw in people who are similar and compliment the person you are. In other words, you trust that all people have some good in them... to the point where you give them a chance... atleast one.
    But thats just my speculation, im still living life and trying to figure the same stuff out.

    I love you Bree... dont doubt yourself.

  2. Selja is so smart! When did you girls grow up? Seriously? I feel so proud to know you both.

    Bree, I know this will sound weird but you just have to reinvent yourself. Everywhere I lived I was someone's daughter or someone's neighbor, I was never Jane Lee. When I moved into my house Chris and I were our own family. Nobody knew my dad and nobody knew my mom. It was so nice! I decided to not be shy. I decided to be outgoing and simply be a different person. I was still the same person on the inside but soon I turned into a super confident woman. My whole life changed. I had more friends than I had ever imagined and I finally felt like I belonged somewhere. My marriage became enriched because I was enriched. It's such a simple concept and I think that's why it's overlooked so much.

    Another thing I did was I cut the people out of my life that added drama. I didn't need it and I didn't like it so why did I let those people in and cause problems? Did you know that YOU are in charge of YOU? I know, sometimes we forget that. You are the only one that can make changes, not your mom, your husband, etc. YOU have to change for you. I promise you that it's not an easy road. Put a saying by your mirror every morning that says,"You is smart, you is kind, you is important" -The Help. Totally worth it. Add things to your life that make you happy. When your life is in order everything else just seems to fall in place. Church is better, your marriage is better, your neighbors are better. If family is causing you stress, keep your distance until it settles. Seriously, there is nothing better than looking at your immediate family (so you and your hubs) and feeling proud.

    Surround yourself with good people. Have you heard this saying,"You are the company you keep."? IT'S SO TRUE! If you surround yourself with good, upstanding people, you will become one. You won't be able to help it. :)

    You go gurl.

    You are awesome.