Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finding blessings in waiting

So Cody and I stopped trying for kids in October because we moved in with Cody's family and we didn't want to add to the chaos in that house!  Our decision was solidified when Cody quit his job and we didn't have insurance anymore.  I am now on my Dad's insurance but it doesn't cover pregnancy so once again I find myself trying to wait patiently for the right time to have kids.  My goal now is to find a job so that I will have insurance to cover pregnancy and then we can get on with building our eternal family but who knows when it will happen.  I have been struggling since I found out my friend was pregnant with questions like why her and not me.  Her life is less than stable right now and a baby will make her life harder, and I feel like mine is more stable and yet here we are no kids to be spoken of. Then it hit me today.... God knows the desires of our hearts.  He knows that I want to be this amazing mom, he knows that I want to have myself completely under control and steady, he knows I don't want to be overwhelmed to the point of being unable to handle things, and he knows I secretly know I am not ready.  I sometimes admit that to myself.  When I take an honest look at my life and my struggles I know I don't want to bring a baby into all of this yet.  I want to get some counseling, I want to feel more confident, and i want to have that feeling of belonging before I have to try to teach a child how to be confident, and before I try to make them understand they belong.  I was watching The Help yesterday.... I know I am behind!  As I was watching it something really hit me.  The maid is holding her bosses little girl and she is telling her that she is kind, smart, and important, and then she has the little girl repeat it back.  I want to feel that way.  I want to know I am kind, smart, and important, and I definitely want my children to feel that way.  In that movie it also talks about how some of the mother's made their children feel like they weren't beautiful and that made me sad.  I know I don't feel like I am beautiful most of the time and to have someone else making you feel that way along with it feels horrible.  Wow I have gotten a little off subject haha.  My point it I feel blessed to have a Heavenly Father who knows my desires.  He knows what is important to me, and he knows I am passionate about being a good mother.  He also knows I am not quite there yet, but he knows I am trying my hardest to get there.  I want to be the best mother I can be, having an eternal family is my passion.  I will work so hard to get there.  Someday I will be there standing in the celestial kingdom with my family, I can see it now, and I will not stop working until I am there.

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  1. You really will be such an amazing mom- i mean look at all the things you are doing to better yourself as a person already. Its pretty dang admirable.
    Don't be too hard on youself however, we all have shaky lives..fragile insecurities, trick is to not let them get a permanent hold on you, to define you.
    Love you!